Loris Karius

Dressed for Success | © | HC
Antonio Vizcaino
Edward Norton
Paul Walker
Ryan Gosling
Kwon Sang Woo
Jeremy Meeks
If anything good has come out of this craze, it is the fact that we are forced to address the broad and complicated issue of Looks vs. Personality (and/or Character) given a unique situation. Do looks really matter? To what extent? Is it inherent in humans to gravitate towards the more beautiful? What is beauty? How do we come to a general agreement of what is beautiful? Does good personality trump beauty? Is this a black and white issue or are looks and personality both important when looking for a partner? 
One question leads to another. And another. But it’s good to think.
Jesse Spencer
Richard Madden
Channing Tatum
Jakob Oftebro
How a whole family can be so attractive, I do not know.
kids from left to right (Romeo, Cruz, Brooklyn)